Electronics-Telecommunications and Applications Laboratory, of the Physics Department, University of Ioannina was founded in 2001 by Prof. Panos Kostarakis in order to promote research and teaching in the fields of applied electronics and telecommunications.


The University of Ioannina was founded in 1964. In 1970 became an independent Higher Education Institution, which grew rapidly in the coming years. Today, the University of Ioannina includes more than 20 academic Departments which altogether number about 22,000 undergraduate students. A number of organised postgraduate study programmes are on offer that combine taught and research elements both at Master’s and Doctoral level. Approximately 1,500 students are involved in full-time study mode progressing to a Master’s degree, while about 1,800 students are currently pursuing their studies at Doctoral level.


The Department of Physics was founded in 1970, concurrently with the establishment of the School of Physics-Mathematics and the commencement of the operations of the University of Ioannina as a higher education Institution. The Department is currently housed in buildings Φ2 and Φ3, located in the western side of the Uviversity campus, which is about 4 km away from downtown Ioannina.