PhD Theses

1V. ChristofilakisP. KostarakisReconfigurable Wireless Telecommunication Systems2007
2K. VotisP. KostarakisExperimental Consideration of Channel Capacity Using MIMO Technology2011
3G. TatsisP. KostarakisUltra-Wideband Link Characterization Utilizing Software Radio2011
4V. RaptisP. KostarakisDesing and Implimentation of an Adaptive Carrier Recovery System2012
5S. ChronopoulosP. KostarakisStudy and Impact Considerations of Various Aspects in OFDM Signals2014
6G. BaldoumasElectrocardiograms (ecg) Analysis in the “Natural Time” Domain2015

MSc Theses

1V. ChristofilakisP. KostarakisReal Data Transmission Network2000
2N. GrimanisP. KostarakisDesign and Construction of 30ch/100 MHz Logic Analyzer2001
3L. KontomarkosP. KostarakisDevelopment of Guidance and Control Software Logic Analyzer Card (Logic Analyzer) 30 Channels, 100MHz2001
4D. PanteliosP. KostarakisSampling and Digitizing Unit, High Speed and High Bandwidth (1GHz)2003
5I. AndroulidakisP. KostarakisControl and Display Software Waveform Sampling and Digitization Unit, High Speed and High Bandwidth2003
6G. KoutsospyrouP. KostarakisControl and Display Software Waveform Sampling and Digitization Unit, High Speed and High Bandwidth2003
7C. BasiosP. KostarakisSimulation of Wireless Local Area Network and Performance Analysis for Selected Bandwidth Allocations2003
8S. MalamouP. KostarakisDesign and Construction of Selective Radiosyskotisis Jammer System2004
9A. AlexiouP. KostarakisDeterioration of Emission Characteristics / Receiving Mobile Phone in the Presence of the Human Body2004
10D. BolanakisP. KostarakisDesign and Construction of 32-channel Logic Analyzer / 100 MHz Controlled USB2004
11K. VotisP. KostarakisDesign and Construction Spectrum Analyzer2005
12Th. KapourniotisP. KostarakisGPRS Interface2005
13C. TatsisP. KostarakisDesign and Implementation of Bus Control Precision Angle Bank2005
14B. RaptisP. KostarakisDesign and Development Corner Table Precision Driver Software2005
15E. TouloukoglouP. KostarakisNoise Analogue Systems2005
16C. BalntoumasP. KostarakisDigital Signal Modulation Using DDS2006
17N. StavrouP. KostarakisDesign and Implementation of Digital Receiver with QPSK Modulation2006
18A. TsukaP. KostarakisTheoretical Design and Construction Antenna Hopper and Exciter2006
19Th. SpasopoulosP. KostarakisDesign and Construction Reflectometer Standing Wave SWR Measurements2006
20In. HronopoulosP. KostarakisDesign and Implementation of Digital Transmitter for Transmitting Data Modulated QPSK’2006
21N. TsatsanisP. KostarakisCommunication Module Based on Microcontroller Series HC08′2006
22X. SavvidisL. IvrisimtzisData Recovery IQ Modulation Techniques with Software Radio2007
23G. VrettosP. KostarakisTransmitter RF 1GHz2008
24P. BougiaP. KostarakisIP Interface with Mp Rabbit2008
25A. TsiakalosP. KostarakisDesign and Construction of the Carrier Recovery Circuit (Carrier Recovery) Frequency Range 200-1000MHz2008
26I. TsiatsouP. KostarakisDesign Layout Implementation of the Accurate Measurement of the Electrical Properties (Conductivity and p Setiki Diilektrii Constant er) Fluids Used in Devices Simulating Members of the Human Body (Phantoms)2008
27M. KouletouP. KostarakisBiological Effects of Electromagnetic Radiation2008
28M. KatsourasP. KostarakisDesign and Construction of Digital RF Transmitter FSK Modulation2009
29S. MalliosP. KostarakisVoice Encoder – Decoder Implementation2009
30F. PapagiannouliP. KostarakisBroadcast – Receiving Baseband Data with CDMA Technique 2009
31P. VasilopoulosL. IvrisimtzisDesign and Construction of Resonant PIFA Antena2009
32X. GeorgiouP. KostarakisDesign and Implementation of Spectrum Analyzer – up to 2GHz2009
33E. BotiP. KostarakisBPSK Tranceiver2009
34A. KokoletsisP. KostarakisSoftware Radio Receiver Implementation2009
35T. FilandrasP. KostarakisAntenna Amplifiers of RFID Systems – Average Distance2009
36E. PsilodimitrakopoulosP. Kostarakis, A. AlexandridisDevelopment of Experimental Set Telecommunications Multiple Entry – Exit System Using Digital Signal Processor2009
37S. NtouhaniariP. KostarakisRecover Carrier CDMA Communication2010
38A. DoksaP. KostarakisDesign and Construction of Rectangular Receiver2010
39C. VangelisP. KostarakisHigh Frequency Generator (3 GHz)2010
40Ch. KaratzoglouP. KostarakisDigital Mixer Frequency2010
41L. GavriilidiP. KostarakisConstruction Generator Arbitrary Waveform 400MHz2011
42E. StavesP. KostarakisStudy and Documentation Broadband Printed Logarithmic Spiral Antenna with Bandwidth up to 4 GHz2011
43A. MichaelidesP. KostarakisSpatiotemporal Tracking Coordinates via GSM and GPS2011
44S. KyriotiP. KostarakisDesign and Construction of Digital Modualtion FSK RF Receiver2012
45P. DokouP. KostarakisEM Radiation Measuring and Recording Techniques2012
46N. ZacharakiV. ChristofilakisMulti-Frequency Microstrip (Patch) Antenna Based on Metamaterial Structures2018
47E. KolettaV. ChristofilakisBiosignal Processing and Transmission System Based on Open Source Software2019
48A. SakkasV. ChristofilakisExperimental Setup for Measuring and Recording Signal Power in the Lowest Centimeter Microwave Area2020
49I. TzourtzouklisV. ChristofilakisImplementation of a Telemetric System in the 868 MHz ISM Radio Band2020